Prologued: Women and the Vote

“The Way we Never Were” [Women and the Vote]  Prologued: Season 1, Episode 1. Welcome to Prologued, a serial podcast from Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective. With amazing stories and remarkable guests, Prologued offers in-depth discussions of the historical roots of the world today—a past that has often been lost, ignored, or misconstrued. Each season we reconstruct the history of a major issue that confronts society now: to explain how we got here and to reveal a path forward. Join us for insight and entertainment about the past, present, and future.
Season 1 is hosted by Origins historian Sarah Paxton and analyzes the myth of the women's voting bloc. Now, as we wade through the 2020 election cycle and celebrate the centennial of the 19th Amendment granting American women the right to vote, it is the perfect time to re-evaluate the political and electoral history of women in the United States beginning all the way back with the American Revolution. Join us as we reveal critical conflicts between women's organizations, triumphs and setbacks, the women who were left behind, and what modern political processes can learn from the past.
Episode 1's esteemed guests:
Dr. Joan Flores-Villalobos, the University of Southern California (formerly of The Ohio State University)
Dr. Daniel Rivers, The Ohio State University
Dr. Lilia Fernandez, Rutgers University
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Written and hosted by Sarah Paxton. A textual version of this video is available at here.
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