Retrieving the American Past

Retrieving the American Past (RTAP) is a customized U.S. history reader published by the Department of History at The Ohio State University and Pearson Custom Publishing. The reader contains a wide variety of chapters covering both halves of the U.S. history survey. Written and developed by historians at Ohio State and around the country, RTAP allows instructors to choose only the chapters they want to cover to create their own U.S. history reader.

Each chapter includes an introduction, a primary document section, a secondary source essay section, and recommendations for further reading. Follow-up questions are included at the end of both sections. The primary and secondary source sections are self-contained, so readers can be built around either approach or both.

The "Clash of Cultures" website is an expansion of one of our RTAP chapters and part of the outreach mission of the Harvey Goldberg Program for Excellence in Teaching in the Department of History at The Ohio State University. It is a reflection of our continuing effort to bring our scholarship into our teaching and engage the public debate on historical issues.

Immigration Restriction & The KKK
The New Woman
The Scopes Trial

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