Evolution for John Doe: Pictures, the Public, and the Scopes Trial Debate
Journal of American History "Teaching the JAH" website. Images and teaching suggestions.

Famous Trials in American History: Tennessee vs. John Scopes
Amazingly comprehensive site. Images, documents, and text.

The Constitution, Censorship, and the Schools: Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes
Teaching site that includes overviews with teaching suggestions. Text only.

The Scopes "Monkey Trial"
Composed of newspaper clips.

The Scopes "Monkey Trial" July 10, 1925 - July 25, 1925
History, a couple documents, bibliography.

Inherent the Wind: A Hollywood History of the 1925 Scopes 'Monkey' Trial
Critical examination of the Scopes Trial compared to the film Inherit the Wind. Text only.

Prohibition Immigration Restriction & The KKK The New Woman The Scopes Trial

The Scopes Trial
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