Anti-Saloon League Museum.
Westerville (Ohio)Public Library. History, documents, fliers, cartoons, songs. Classroom activities.

Temperance and Prohibition.
Professor K. Austin Kerr at The Ohio State University. History, images, and documents.

The Volstead Act and Related Prohibition Documents.
Lesson plan and documents. A National Archives site.

Prohibition in Oregon: The Vision and the Reality.
Oregon State Archives. Images, text, and documents. Focuses more on the industry perspective.

Ardent Spirits: The Origins of the American Temperance Movement.
Focuses on the nineteenth century. History and terrific images.

The Making of Prohibition.
Republished from Brewing Techniques. Presents the industry's point of view. Text only.

Prohibition Immigration Restriction & The KKK The New Woman The Scopes Trial

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