Turner: WBNS








After the war William Turner returned to Columbus Ohio and his wife Jean. Columbus remembered Turner because he had worked on the Columbus Star and early tabloid paper. Byer & Bowman ad agency gave Turner a position for a couple of years. During this time early television sprung up in Columbus. WBNS television was part of the Dispatch newspaper printing business and the television station needed an art director, and Turner landing the position. Turner worked on the stage designs, advertising, programming identities and invented a well loved television personality, Flippo the Clown. Turner reluctantly became a personality in his own right, making appearances on a late afternoon kid's show called Western Roundup. During a break of old cowboy movies, Turner would show up with a big black crayon named Blackie. Young viewers were asked to send in illegible scribbles on a piece of paper, and then on live television Turner would work his magic with Blackie the Crayon and turn the scribble into a caricature, an animal, or some sort of a funny scene. Turner became a beloved personality and local celebrity for many years afterwards.