Turner: Charley Weaver






Charley Weaver

During the first stage of the Tonight Show in the late 50's and early 60's Jack Paar hosted the now familiar late night entertainment slot. Paar had a semi-regular guest, Cliff Arquette, whose shtick was to show up as the character Charley Weaver. This was an old fellow in suspenders, ruppled pants, and a tie that hung too low. Weaver would sit and read aloud his letters from mamma filled with gag lines. These letters described many of the daily events of the residents in a fictional small town named Mt. Idy. Turner's imagination let loose and over a few months of watching the Tonight Show he developed faces to many of the characters attached to Weaver's Mt. Idy. Turner sent off the bundle of drawings and Arquette flipped out over the illustrations depicting for the first time these fictional citizens. Together in 1960 they developed the short tales while Turner illustrated and art directed the book "Things are fine in Mt. Idy". The following year Turner received a national art director award for the illustrations.

Around 1970- 71 Turner developed a pig character name Snider the First, who was Charley Weaver's hog trained to pull a small cart in the Mt. Idy hog races held each year at the fairgrounds. Turner's illustrations landed in a 1972 calendar and Arquette wrote the gag lines.