The Ram's Horn

An Interdenominational Social Gospel Magazine

image: Ram's Horn original masthead

The Ram's Horn was published in Chicago, Illinois during the 1890s and the early years of the twentieth century by Frederick L. Chapman & Company.

    Frank Beard was its principal illustrator, and most of the images that follow are his work.
    In 1896 The Ram's Horn reported its circulation with optimism.

Groups of Images by Subject

Views of Immigrants

Views of the Wealthy

Views of Smoking

Views of the Liquor Traffic and Support for Prohibition

Views of the Trusts

Views of Political Bosses

Views of America in the World

The Religious Views of Frank Beard and the Ram's Horn.

We have scanned these images from The Ram's Horn because the visual material in the magazine seemed especially vivid. We found these issues in the Center for Research Libraries, a cooperative institution among libraries to which scholars at Ohio State University have access. Professor Austin Kerr first encountered these visual materials during his research on the prohibition movement; the Anti-Saloon League and other dry organizations often reprinted cartoons by Frank Beard that appeared in The Ram's Horn. We offer these materials in our World Wide Web service because we find them useful in highlighting a social gospel viewpoint important during the Gilded Age and Progressive Era.