Spike That Gun


"SPIKE that gun," was an order bravely executed by a young English officer and his command, at the battle of Inkerman, which gallant feat probably decided the fate of the day. Satan has planted his batteries for the destruction of the American home, and from every saloon in the land the wicked bombardment goes on, day and night, year after year, and every hour of every day some new house is sighted for destruction. Shall this cruel and desolating fire upon the American home forever continue? God forbid! "Spike that gun!" is the word of command that has gone forth to the great temperance host. "Spike that gun!" is the shout that rings out all along the lines of the great home protection army as they rush to the final charge. "Spike that gun!" shall be our battle cry until the last battery of hell has been silenced and every home in our land is safe from this desolating fire.

"Spike quickly that gun," is the word of command,
It is battering down the homes of our land,
Its work of destruction will lose us the day,
If no one the order to spike it obey.

Scanned from Fifty Great Cartoons (Chicago: The Ram's Horn Press, 1899) unpaginated. This cartoon is part of the collections of the The Cartoon Research Library of Ohio State University.