Don't Shoot


IT would be easy to destroy the liquor traffic were it not for its power in politics. This is so apparent to the men who manage it that they make it their first business to engage in politics and lay candidates for office under obligations by making generous contributions to the campaigns of each party. Therefore, whenever a cry of robbery or murder goes up from the licensed saloon and the government grabs bayonet and ballot and runs to the rescue, the political managers immediately step forth and intervene. Don't Shoot, they both cry; Let him rob and ruin. He is a friend of mine and he has a license.

And he said unto them; Hinder me not, seeing the Lord hath prospered my way.

Gen. 24:56.

Scanned from Fifty Great Cartoons (Chicago: The Ram's Horn Press, 1899) unpaginated. This cartoon is part of the collections of the The Cartoon Research Library of Ohio State University.