Ohio Prohibition Campaign Advertisements

Below we have provided a small version of either the full advertisement or part of it. In some cases the text did not scan well, and we have entered it from the keyboard.
Back Me or Back Booze Clearly the drys were playing on the emotions of Americans supporting the soldiers sent overseas.
The family food bill goes unpaid, thanks to booze.
The grain wasted to booze is more than the grain sunk at sea.
Give me your boy! A recurring theme of Anti-Saloon League propaganda was that the evil liquor traffic sought to entice youth into a life of drink.

The text that accompanied this advertisement read:

    Take away the "camouflage" with which the Liquor Traffic tries to disguise itself and the sinister figure pictured here stands revealed.

    Take away the smooth phrases and cunning twists of the liquor Traffic's appeal For Permission to continue its career;-get right down to naked truth and you will see that the liquor traffic is asking fathers of Ohio to "give me your boys,"


    Is its purpose to inspire them with greater ambitions; to teach them clean morals, to avoid bad habits. to become better men and citizens, better husbands and fathers?

    You know the saloon does nothing FOR boys, but appalling harm TO them.

    Its prosperity depends on the number of VICTIMS it entraps.

    Men in the liquor traffic are not blind to its evils.

    Many distillers will not allow THEIR OWN SON to drink intoxicants; many brewers forbid the use of intoxicants to their sons; many saloonists don't drink the stuff they sell; they won't hire drinking bartenders and they bar their sons from the saloons

    . Still, they ask you to give YOUR son for the sake of the money they can make out of him. They ask you to approve temptation of your son to become a drunkard.

    They ask you to vote MAKE DRUNKARDS out of thousands of Ohio's boys.

    Are you with them? Are YOU for the Booze Huns or for the boys?

    There can be no neutrality in this fight. Failure to vote "yes" on prohibition on November 5th is silent approval of the liquor traffic's record and misdeeds.

    You must be either for the BEST INTERESTS of your state, your nation and humanity-or you must be for the ENEMY liquor traffic which works AGAINST the best interest of the state, the nation and humanity.

    Vote"Yes" for Prohibition November 5th

    The Ohio Dry Federation J.A.WHITE, Manager

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