The Springfield Republican

A Martyr to Law and Order Needed.-"The one glimmering episode which challenges admiration was the firing of the local militia on the mob. The fatal mistake was made in not holding the soldiery to the grim, but wholesome work. The mayor of the city, who ordered the second company away, was a traitor to his trust, or panderer to the mob, and he must be held directly responsible for the subsequent events. It is time that somebody in authority fought one of these mobs to the death, either of himself or the mob. Give us a martyr, if need be, to law and order, and build his monument high. This affair is true anarchy-the mob spirit. And it is growing more unrestrained. There have been other lynchings in Ohio within recent years, and what happens in Ohio may easily happen in New England. Respect the law, or we shall need a Bonaparte to teach us to obey."

Scanned from The Literary Digest, June 19, 1897