The Pittsburgh Leader

The Governor's Present Duty...-"If Governor Bushnell has really any desire to take exemplary action in this emergency, there is no obstacle in his path. Let him send for the fugitive sheriff and militia officers. From them he can learn who were the ringleaders in the riot and whose threats led them to run, like whipped curs, to a place of concealment. Then, under directions from the chief executive, the law can readily take its course, and in the face of the lesson so administered it is by no means likely that Champaign county would again be troubled with lynch law and the terrorization of the guardians of the public peace. It is not because of a shortage of means of enforcing the law that Urbana has been made a headquarters of anarchy, but because the lawless element in the town believes that it has the secret sympathy of the local and state officials, who will, therefore, wink at lawlessness and dodge the necessity of punishing it."

Scanned from The Literary Digest, June 19, 1897