The New York Evening Post

Protests Insuflicient - "Mustapha Bey, the Turkish Minister at Washington, will have another chance to score off American sympathizers with the victims of the Sultan. He referred the other day to the Urbana lynching, when asked about Turkish outrages, and now an even more brutal and shocking affair occured in Maryland. A negro actually under sentence of death is taken from the officers of the law and kicked and strangled to death in broad daylight by an infuriated mob, not one man of whom even deigned to disguise himself. The judge who had just sentenced the criminal to death rushes out to implore the mob to let the law take its course, but he is lucky to get off himself without lynching. Things are getting worse in the North than in the South; in Virginia they at least let convicted negroes be hanged by process of law; in Maryland the raging mob must slake its thirst for blood without a moment's delay. These occurrences certainly give a queer look to our horror at Armenian massacres. If we content ourselves with protesting against our own lynchings, and disowning them, we are no better than the Sultan, he always protests against his own murderous exploits. If some of the Princess Anne mob can not be brought to justice, why should a sentence of any court, or any law on the statute-book, be any longer respected or heeded in Maryland?"

Scanned from The Literary Digest, June 19, 1897