The New Orleans Times-Democrat

No Arrests and No Trial - The ease with which they [the state troops] allowed themselves to be persuaded to retire from the vicinity of the jail after they had arrived there and taken in the situation was superb. They had no thought to go shooting down their fellow citizens to protect a black brute like that.... There will be no arrests and no trial. Human nature is pretty much alike both in North and South, when crimes like the one of which 'Click' Mitchell was guilty are in question; and it is questionable whether the very strictest administration of justice will ever be able to dispense with the rough-and-ready services of Justice Lynch in cases in which Caucasian women are assaulted by ruffian Senegambians. The Ohioans of Urbana are not law abiding enough to allow a brute like 'Click' Mitchell to escape the noose, court or no court.

Scanned from The Literary Digest, June 19, 1897