The Civil War History of John Ritland

The Civil War History of John Ritland

John Ritland

My great grandfather, and the man for whom I was named, John (Jens) Ritland, served in the Civil War with the 32nd Iowa Infantry, Company "K", from 1862 until 1865. Late in his life, he related his experiences in the war to my grandfather, great uncle, and a local writer for publication in two central Iowa newspapers, "The Story City Herald," and "The Roland Record." The narrative was printed in installments in 1922, five years after his death. With the exception of an occasional editor's note from myself, and the organization into chapters, what follows is the story exactly as it appeared in those newspapers. I hope you enjoy this story, and welcome your suggestions and comments.

--John C. Ritland


Chapter One: August 1862 - September 1863

Chapter Two: September 1863 - March 1864

Chapter Three: March 1864 - April 1864

Chapter Four: April 1864 - September 1864

Chapter Five: September 1864 - November 1864

Chapter Six: December 1864 - February 1865

Chapter Seven: February 1865 - April 1865

Chapter Eight: April 1865 - August 1865

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