March 14, 1858

March 14, 1858

Hickory Plains Prairie Co Ark
March the 14th 1858


Dear Niece and Sister Elizabeth[,]

             I have just received yours of the 14th of February [.]  I was anxiously looking for [it.]  I was glad to hear you was all well[.]  This found us all well thats at home[.]  Henry is going to school about twelve miles from home[.]  We have schools in our neighborhood but no very good teachers[.]  He is going to a very good teacher[.]  He is nearly nineteen years old[.]  Its the last school we expect to send him to[.]  He is our youngest son[.]  Mary Ann is younger than him[.]  She is seventeen the 23rd of March[.] Henry is nineteen in May 5th[.]  WM W Bryan is twenty seven[.]  He is the oldest son[.]  John W. Bryan is twenty four years in August[.]  He was the babe I had with me when I went to see you last[.]  It seems like a long time but o it is nothing to eternity that has no end but I hope it will be our happy lot to meet on the Shoars of deliverance where parting will be no more[.]  I am Determined to hold out faithful by the grace of god[.]  Pray for me sister that I may be faithful a little longer.  Sister your children are most of them married[?]  None of mine has married but one & she only lived about eight months and died[.]  She married a very industrious & intelligent young man[.]  He dident have very much property but he was a first rate manager & was making very fast[.]  She has been dead three years in August & he has never married yet[.]  He took her death very hard[.] 

            I have nothing of interest to write you but we have received a letter from Sister Susan[.]  She begs me to come see her[.]  If I was as near her as you are I would go to see her once in two years[.]  She says she dont live but about Seventy miles from you[.]  You could ride that in two days[.]  I have been to see Sister Martha twice since I came out here & I know if I had a sister in a hundred miles I would go to[.] Perhaps you dont prize relatives as high as I do[.]  I know we cant live by visiting our kin but it is a great pleasure to me to see them once in a while[.]  I expect to come to see you in a year or two if we live and keep our health[.]  I want to know whether you live at the same place you did when I was there[?]  I have not had a letter From Brother George nor Jacob for some time[.]  They were well when I heard from them last[.]  I am looking for a letter from them now[.]  I havent had a letter from Sister Nancy for nearly a year[.]  Benjamin Grayson was dead when she wrote last[.]  I have written to her once or twice Since I got a lette from her[.]  I intend to write to her Again Soon[.]  She may be dead but some of her children would write I think[.]

            Sister Elizabeth do go see Susan[.]  William is riding the circuit & is away from home so much[.]  She is so lonesum[.]  She would be the gladest in the world to see you[.]  If you cant go let Mary & her Brother go[.]  I think they would like to go[.] If you dont know where they live ill tell you[.]  They live in Decalb county Ala Lebanon Po[.] 

            I think when you get done readin this youll say Ive wrote a heep but thers not much of it[.]  You must excuse me for this time for my hand is so old & stiff[.]  I can hardly write at all[.]

            I must close for the present[.]  The family all join me in love to you all[.]  Give my love to all inquiring friend & except a portion to yourselves[.]  I mean the whole family[.]

 Mary Bryan to Elizabeth & Mary H

NB  tell Brother Austin to write to us & give us all the news[.]  We would be very glad to something from under his hand[.]

 NB  Emily Gerron is out here[.]  She sent her love to you all & says you must write to her[.]  I recken you know who she is[.]  If you dont know it is Brother Johns oldest daughter by his first wife[.]  She has four children[.]

come let us join the hosts above
now in our youngest days
remember our creators love
and [?] our fathers praise

his majesty will not despise
the day of feeble things
grateful the songs of children rise
and please the king of kings

 for Mary my niece


Mary B Hackworth

You wanted to know the particulars about fathers death[.]  Well Levi Bryan came over to Ark to look for land & went to Brother Williams & father wanted to go home with him & he took him home with him to mississippi[.]  They went by water to memphis then got a hack & went to hernando[.]  That was over our county cite & from there he rode a horse back about fifteen miles[.]  When he got home he was very tired but he lay down & rested[.]  o sister he cried everyone of the family that would come in to him[.]  Floods of tears run from his eyes[.]  He was so glad to get to my house again but he wasent there but a few days until he would take Sick Spell.  He would just get so sick in a minute[.]  You would think hed die but his spells would ware off then he would be rite smart[.]  He was at my house three or four months before he was taken sick except them spells I told you he would have when he first came to our hous to live[.]  Sister Martha Said he would have them spells when he lived with them A while then they quit him & I thought he would get well but there came A rising on his neck[.]  It got ripe & was opened & run a great deal[.]  It eat through inside & got so when he would drink coffee part of it would run out at the place[.]  He was [?] of his death[.]  He was perfectly resigned to die[.]