April 5, 1864

April 5, 1864

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Editor's Note: William Follett misuses lots of capital letters, particularly "S," which are not marked by (sic). His punctuation is often non-existent.

Mount Sterling April 5th 1864

Dear Mother

Having nothing to do this afternoon I will occupy Pat of the time in writing to you & Soph News is Scarce. We have an order to report in town tomorrow morning at Six A.M. with five days Rations Where we are going or what for I cannot say but when we get there I will let you know where we are & what for too. I dont think there is much chance for a furlough though I hate to give it up this way. I did want to See Soph & Frank as well as All at Home. My health is Pretty good though I have done but little duty Since I came here. I wrote to Lew the other day for Some Stamps if he has not Sent them yet tell him to wait three or four days till I can let him know where we are I have Sent to town three or four times & to Paris also for Stamps & could not get even one. If he has Sent them Probably they will follow us through where ever we go Some time. I dont know how we will Stand the march as the roads are very muddy inddeed. I have just found out where we are going to. Capt Mitchell has come up from town right from Head Quarters & He Says we are going to Camp Nelson to reorganize into Some other Brigade also to refit with new guns So you may direct your letters to Camp Nelson Ky. I also asked Capt when my turn for furlough would come in he Said that there were tow other men that he wanted to Send before he did me then my turn would come in. I dont think that we will be able to leave Camp Nelson for five or six weeks after we get there. I hope not at any rate. I have not had a letter from Home for Some time & dont know why for I think you have written a long time ago. I have a notion to get a transfer to the gunboat Service as they get more pay than we do & dont have any knapsack to carry neither do they have to Hoof it over the Country.

Tell me what you think of it when you write if you think favorably I will do it. I believe that I can go well recommended for a Sober Steady man for I am about as much so as any man in our Regt. I Have nothing more to write Direct to Camp Nelson Ky Co. C 112th Ill Vol. Kiss Father

for me Mother without fail Love to the Rest

I am My Dear Mother

Your Dutiful Son