February 25, 1864

February 25, 1864

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Editor's Note: William Follett misuses lots of capital letters, particularly "S," which are not marked by (sic). His punctuation is often non-existent.

(words in italics written upsidedown at top of letter)

Give my Respects to all my Friends

I shall have to close With much Love

for thee & thine I remain as ever

Your Aff Bro Bill

Camp near Mount Sterling Ky

Fby 25th 1864

My own Dear Sister. You cant think how glad I was to get a letter once more. It is months Since I have had a letter from you. The last I got was written from Fathers & I answered right away. I have never had a letter from Cousin Mary & I think but one from Jennie. May be that I have had two from her but tis So long Since that I have forgotten it if tis So. But now I have got back to a half civilized land once more may be that I can hear from & know who are my friends. I have not heard from home for a long time. When Father first went away to Mell I heard of it & have not had a letter Since. Dont you think that is a long time for a Person to wait? I have had three letters from John Since I Started for Tennessee and have answered all of them. but the last he wrote he Scolded like fun for not writing to him. but I cant help is All I can do is to keep writing to him. Do you think he will enlist as a Veteran. I hope not & So do you. I have had letters from Soph occasionally when I could not get them from any where else for which you know I was thankful She was well the last time I heard from her and So was the rascal but was going to get a new Father. Dont you think that is Provoking Some. I have a very large days work laid out for to day I am going to write to you John Mother Soph Janette (?) Frank Summer & have written to Geo Benedict & Foster. F was left sick at Danville with intermittent fever but I got a letter from G this morning Saying that F was much better as the fever was broken. Geo went back to F from Camp Nelson He Says that F will be along in a few days. I tell you we have had a Very hard time in East Tennessee this winter. riding night & day getting nothing to eat unless we bought it with our own money. Part of the time they Pretended to issue � Ration of flour or meal but nothing else because they could not get it by any means in their Power. What good did flour or meal do us with nothing to mix it with or cook it in do you know? I will tell you. We Paid $2.00 a pound for soda and one dollar a pint for Salt & mixed it with water and Baked it on a chip. I think Some of Starting a Bakery on an improved (?) plan (if I get home. Our division done most of the fighting that was done in East Tenn & our Reg done the most that was done by the division. Why was this So. Because Wolfords Division had a good name and our Regiment was the only one in the division that could Sustain the Reputation Times are were often when our Reg has been deserted right in the midst of a hard fight by the Eighth Mich Cav the First Eleventh & Twelfth Ky the Forty Fifth Ohio and our Reg has Saved the day by not knowing when they were whipped. We have had a whole Brigade of Longstreets Devils charge on our Reg when they were left alone and come So we could touch them with our Bayonets & demand the Surrender of our Flag. Major Dow of Annawan(?) was in command at the time & Says not by a Damned Sight. Down with that devil boys give them Hell. & the boys done it too. They killed the Col that made the impudent request for our flag and mowed down their ranks as with a reaper. We captured a Col who said it was not bravery but brute obstinacy & that we did not know when we were whipped. In my next I will tell you some of our last fight at Kellys Ford.

Direct to Mount Sterling Ky Co C 112 Reg Ills Vol