November 1, 1863

November 1, 1863

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Editor's Note: William Follett misuses lots of capital letters, particularly "S," which are not marked by (sic). His punctuation is often non-existent.

Nov 1st, 1863

Lenoirs Station Tennessee

Father Mother Sisters and Brother

I have not Received any letters from any of you since I last wrote to you. but for fear that you did not get my last I will write again. There is no mail route here at all. Consequently we get none only by Private Conveyance I have had but 3 letters from home Since I Started into the State and they were old when I got them but were read with eagerness. The girls must not expect me to write to each one Separately while in this part of the world as I can get nothing in the Shape of Stationary here and Postage Stamps are things unknown by all by all but those who brought in a Supply for them Selves. Yesterday we were mustered for Pay as we have to muster every two months whether we get any Pay or not I have now Six months Pay due me. You can See by looking on the map where we are now tis on the Virginia and East Tenn R R Six miles from London on the Tennessee River. We have had two or three little fights lately had one near Philadelphia a Short time Since in which our Reg figured the most conspicuous by making a charge on the Rebs where another Reg had tried and had been driven back. I ran through our ranks while we were preparing to make the charge. When we were all ready Gen Saunders & Says Now boys give 'em hell Then he Set up Such a yell which our boys took up and away

they went Pell Mell althoug (sic))Keeping in line first rate. When we got about � way up the hill, Halt, fire came down the line. No Sooner Said than done although the Rebs kept up an incessant fire on us from the time we Started & as Soon as we had discharged our Pieces forward, Double Quick, give 'em cold steel boys. On we went charging Bayonet with a wild yell. We got allmost (sic) to them before they Saw fit to Start but they went as though the Evil one was after them There was only 150 of our men while there was 700(?) Rebs on the hill but we drove them off & got complimented for it by General Saunders before the whole army that was here. There was only one of our company wounded and one in the Reg killed. Henry Lirkins(?) Brother of Otis and Jack Hitchcocks wife is the one wounded through the ankle but not very badly We had another fight day before yesterday in the rain but did not any of our men hurt though we made several Rebs bite the dust. There is Some talk of us going to Ky to winter our horses as we can get no feed here Direct to Co C 112th M I Ill Vol 2nd Brigade 4 Division 23rd Army Corps Knoxville Tennesse via Cincinati (sic) I would write more but think the ink is So thick that I have to try 3 or four times for every mark I make1 & my hand has got So tired that I Shall have to Stop

Yours truly


(note 1: this explains punctuation perhaps in all William's letters)