September 14, 1863

September 14, 1863

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Editor's Note: William Follett misuses lots of capital letters, particularly "S," which are not marked by (sic). His punctuation is often non-existent.

Athens Tennesse

September 14th 1863

Dear Mother

Just now for the Second time Since We left Ky have we the chance to Send letters home & now for the Second time we improve(?) the opportunity of doing So. We were awakened this morning at 4, o,clock by Col Henderson, hollerin, to the boys to get up and write Saying that all the letters that came to the Head Quarters by Seven this morning would be sent off. We are all in good health and Spirits (having driven the Rebs in all their majesty from this Part of the State. There has been a great many Prisoners taken & but very little fighting done. I Suppose that you get the news better than we do as we get neither Papers or letters any more there is no mail route open to any Place through this country. I Suppose this will be Sent by a hand car to Loudon where there had been a bride burned by the Rebs in their hasty flight. There it will drop on Pontoon and take the cars for Chatanooga (sic) & from thence Sent North to your ever open hands where it will galdly be read There is no news to write that I have time for now. If Father did not get my last from Kingston tell him to Send that money to Soph by all means as the Lord only knows when I can Send any more from here. Pay Dean(?) and Mowers their claim though I believe I Paid it it is not much We are now farther South that Mell is if he is at Murfreesboro yet. we are within 25 miles of the Georgia line I got a letter from John while I was on the march written July 30th Saying he had not got any from me for a long time in answer to his last, he thought I had not got it but I had & answered right away but his last I have not had a chance to answer yet & I wish you would tell him So. I have written to Soph Since I got up this morning & the time is most up. When you write direct as before to the Regt I remain as ever your

Son Will

I think we will all be out by Spring as the Rebs are all Dead in this State and most So in others Bill