August 21, 1863

August 21, 1863

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Editor's Note: William Follett misuses lots of capital letters, particularly "S," which are not marked by (sic). His punctuation is often non-existent.

Sommerset Aug 21st 1863

Dear Father Mother Sisters and Brother Lew I have nothing else to do this morning but write you a few lines. I have no news to write but write for the Double Purpose of getting one in reply and also to let you that I am well. You will See by the heading where I am but you will not See what I am up to at this time. I have been expecting to be Sent back to the Reg for Some time but am Still with the battery There was an order for the 112th boys all to report to the Reg over a week ago but the captain got back from Ohio where he has been for a long time ever Since the Morgan chase. He begged of General Carter for a few of the 112th boys to help him break in the wild Kentuckians that his Battery was to be filled with this time. Day before yesterday we commenced and a tough time we had as they would not try to learn. Yesterday we hitched up the horses to the guns and took a little field drill which they done better at than the gun drill., after drilling on the field a while we went to shooting and then every man Seemed to know more about the work than the captain himself They even went So far as to tell him how to cut fuse when they have never Seen one in their lines They wanted to be all gunners or the one that Points and Sights the gun. That is the very best place about the gun and needs the most experienced man that can be got. I think maybe that will come under after a while as the captain is very well used to Such work as drilling new recruits for he has done nothing else Since I have been with him. I understand that the 112th has gone further South into Dixie and will Stop at the Place where Parson(?) Brownlow was Presented. I wish I was with them for I Should have liked it much to have helped run the Rebels out of there. Maybe I Shall get a chance to go there yet before many days Maybe I Shall Start to day for the Reg Charlie Hayden is here with me also the man Long that Father Saw on the platform at Pincher(?) I dont know how we will get to the Reg yet may be we will have go on foot and carry our knapsacks if So I Shall manage to be as long as possible about it for there are good People through this country and we can live very well while going I have nothing more Soph & Frank were well when I heard from this last Direct to 112th Reg Ill Vol Co C

Care of Lieut J B Mitchell

I am as ever your Son & Brother