July 24, 1863

July 24, 1863

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Editor's Note: William Follett misuses lots of capital letters, particularly "S," which are not marked by (sic). His punctuation is often non-existent.

Danville July 24th 1863

"Old Folks at home"

I feel it incumbent on me at this present time to write you a few lines.

I have but little to write and in fact but few inducements to do So, as I never get letters from home any more. I do not want you to understand that I am finding fault with any one there but with the Post Masters along the route. There are Some of them that ought to be hung in my opinion. I am Still in the Howitzer Battery and Shall Stay as long as possible, at any rate until we meet with the rest of the battery. They have come back from chasing Johnny Morgan. I think they are after him yet. He was in pretty close quarters but the accounts in last night's Papers but Still I think he will get away Safe and Sound in Body and limb. I think that General L(?) A Gillmore is doing a good thing at Charleston. In fact a great deal better than he ever did while he had command of the Ky forces. no one liked him here. And he came pretty near getting Shot one night by one of our boys in Lexington. the pommel of his Saddle was shot was Shot away as he was ____ssing a Sentinel who ordered him to halt and he wouldn't. the boy knew very well who it was though and let the bullet fly right at him the Result was that the General rode more in the day time and not So much at night. but I think he understands engineering well enough. Do you ever hear from the boys Since the fall of Vicksburg. I never do. I Suppose that they Started John right off on the march again after Johnston. but that is the way to do it and not let the Rebs lay Still and fortify. I wish I could take � of Johns work on my shoulders for I have nothing to do while he has been hard at work ever Since he enlisted. I Suppose that it must be very hot down there now though tis (sic) not here. we have had but very little hot weather Since last Fall. but I think next month will tell the Story I got a letter from Soph the other day and She is Scared most to death about the riots all over that State. She was well and So was Frank. he Says he wants to go up into the Sky to See God and papa. he Sticks to it that I am there but I think he must be mistaken. I got a letter from Hortense yesterday She was well I have nothing more to Say at this time only write Soon and Direct to Co C 112th Regt Ill Volunteer Mounted Infantry In care of Lieut J B Mitchell

Yours truly

W Follett