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Editor's Note: William Follett misuses lots of capital letters, particularly "S," which are not marked by (sic). His punctuation is often non-existent.

Mount Vernon Ky June 16th 1863

Hortense, Dear Sister

Last night I was surprised by getting a letter from you dated April Eleventh. You see that it has been on the road for more than two months. Thus making it a very long time Since I have got any word from you only by way of Frank S. I got a letter from him about the Same time that I ought to have had yours. I have just been looking at the date of his Which was May 10th.

I have not heard form John for a long while but have written to him Several times. May be that he don't get my letters I know that I don't get more than one third of the letters that are written to me. I don't believe that all my letters go through to you either.

June 19th 1863

Dear Sister My hand was So lame when I wrote the fore going that I had to stop to rest & did not get a chance to write until to day again. The Lieut who had charge of our section has been gone to Sommerset Since Sunday & I have had sole charge of the whole thing. Yesterday I had to thake take them out on General inspection which I had never done before Nor had I seen it done but once before. I tell you it made me feel like a fool having the whole brigade looking at me on the guns. "I don't know which". I have just got a letter from Sommerset Which say the Lieutenant is Sick & don't know when he will be able to come back.

I thought Something must be the matter as he was to have (sic) here Monday night. I hope that he will Soon come as I don't like to do the work without the Pay. I am glad to hear that all my friends are well although twas (sic) I should like to hear from Home. Wife. John Mell and every other friend I have left behind. When you write tell me all about John as he must have been in the big fight at Vicks. We don't have any papers to read nor do we hear any news once a month There was a Pretty Strong cavalry and mounted infantry force left here last Sunday & among the rest were two hundred of the 112th Ill Vol Mounted infantry There was 25 of Co C's men along. They came over from Sommerset on Thursday night1 about twelve o clock at night. They camped within one half mile of us & I was surprised to find them next morning as I did not know that they was within thirty miles of us. We had not seen them for three months. Foster was along with them & I had a good time visiting with him. They went out those miles Friday after noon to camp near water & I got a Pass Saturday went out there & Staid (sic) there most all day with him. That was all most (sic) as good as John's visit. with the 17th but not quite. There is some talk of our falling back to Crab Orchard as it is very difficult to get forage here2. I hope that we will as we Shall be able to get our mail there. I have no news to write & shall have to close my not very lengthy and not very interesting epistle. I am very happy my Dear Sister to have the honor to Subscribe my self your

Brother Billy

Direct to Mount Vernon Ky

Section of 1st Independent Mountain How Battery

In care of Lieut Allison

(note 1: these could be the forces that opposed Pegram's raid and fought at Somerset)

(note 2: same complaint Pegram had of the area.)