June 11, 1865

June 11, 1865

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Little Rock Ark June 11th 1865

Dear Brother in Blue

Your very kind and interesting letter of May 15th reached me yesterday. It made me very glad to hear from you as I have been waiting So long to hear of Some where. I had just come to the conclusion that I Should have to write to your Father and ask him where you were or if he knew anything about you. I am Sorry that I have not received your letters that you have written before but I hope as you Say that we can Soon get home then we can talk about our experience in the army and Such other matters as come before the house. I am very glad indeed John to hear that you was along in the last battle and got out of Safe (sic). You must have had a hard time of it Since you left Banth(?) La. but now thank God it is over and we are the Victors, for my part I cannot Say that I have been in any Battle Excepting (sic) a little Bushwhacking for the last three Years, but I have done the duty allot alotted (sic) to me and I am very glad that I have been able to hold out So long, but now I am longing very much to get home Soldiering is a bore to me now. we have very heavy guard duty and Inspections and reviews without End. General J.J. Reynolds Comdg (sic) Dept of Ark reviewed us last Thursday, and Brevt (sic) Major General Solomon reviewed us yesterday and Major General Sheridan will review us to morrow (sic) that is if he comes here Some of his Staff Officers arrived here yesterday but I heard the General was not with them, The Rebels are comming (sic) in by the hundreds ever (sic) day Some with and Some without arms. the most of them are heartily Sick of the war but Some are pretty Saucy which causes a knock down ever (sic) once in while. the Boys in Blue off (sic) course always come out the best. I have nothing new or interesting I will therefor (sic) close my meager Letter. Please write Soon. Yours as ever

N. Nelson

Co A 43rd Ill Infty Vols