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Meridian Aug 3

My Dear Hortense,

Your note of July 24th cam to day. I I (sic) had worried a great deal you and Flora for I supposed of course you were sick. I am sorry you have been fouled by the Chicago Tribune(?). We are not on our way home as(sic) I know of and I dont know when we will be., though they have commenced mustering out Veterans of the 16th Corps. If my commission comes it will come in a week or ten days and then I think I shall be mustered for I have -----

-- I shall stay until the 19th of September. Do not put any dependence in any story you see about my coming home but write till I tell you to stop. You dont know how lonesome I am and how much good your letters do me. If you did you would never fail to write.

The 11th Wisconsin Vet Vols has been mustered out and some more Vets are to follow. I know Our time must come soon so I try to wait patiently.

Sient(?) Recd(?)

did not go home on furlough but has been assigned to duty on the Freed Mens bureau. I still have command and have captains duty and orderlys duty to do all the time. I have to drill the Company every day twice and all the rest of my time is taken up puting (sic) their accents(?) on clothing --- Dececispline (?) book and muster R--l, I have but little time to spare. Excuse this

poor letter I will do better Sunday. Love to all, & Kisses for the dear ones(?).

Your loving husband, John