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Montgomery May 1st

My Dear Hortense,

The boats have come at last and I am glad of it for I feel very much like a Corn fed arate (sic) soldier just now. The boats bring us both good and bad news. First the surrender of Lee is confirmed and it is Johnston has also surrendered and there is an armistis (sic) for the purpose of making peace. The bad news is that Lincoln & Seward have been killed by an assassin, and half hour guns are to be fired to day all day from sunrise to sunset and minute guns

from 12 to 1. I am very very sorry any such thing should have happened to Lincoln just as the war was about over but I doubt very much if the rebels can make as good terms with Andy Johnson as they could with Lincoln. Well Hortense our time has almost come. I think that in three months at least or most(?) I shall be with you. I hope so. I think the last gun has been fired, but if the war continues any longer it shall be a bloody one. I should be in favor of killing every thing, Men & women and eating(?) the babies. Well I will wait(?) and so have many letter I get from you to answer. No' ----- has (?) come. Good bye. Love to all. Kiss the children for me. God bless you. John M. Follett