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No 2-

Bantle(?) Dec 3rd 1864

My Dear Wife,

Well here I am again writing to you I have commenced (?) this ------ day(?) night (?) because I am afraid to put it off till tomorrow. I shall forget some things I want to send for. I want you

to make me an orderlies diamond(?) (i.e.square) of the same material my stripes are made of. Red and blue. Make it as small as you can and leave a small hole in the center of it. Show as little of the red as possible. Stich (sic) it on some thin(?) stuff and send by mail. Also send

my me a skim(?) of black sewing silk. I shall send you the Oranges (?) tuesday. You can have half of them(?) and pay half of the expenses. Tell Mother half of them are for her and Father. I wish I could send you more but I cant. I have all I can eat every day. Chambers(?) is bound to get out of the service this winter some way. If he cant do so by fair means he will by foul. He disobeys positive(?) orders and goes to NO on ----- to be disgraced from the service and yesterday he was a drunk as a fool. I feel sorry for him but cant help him as I know of. It is very warm here and we are having beautiful weather. Only one thing bothers & that is the "mosquitoes." I wish you were here for one week at least. The trees are green yet. Enclosed you wif will find some leaves of the live oak.

Sunday morning, 4th Dec

My Dearest Hortense,

We have had our regular Sunday morning inspection and

now I will finish my letter to you. I imagine that you are having cool weather up there this

morning for the north wind feels cool and good to us this morning and our two blankets

felt very comfortable last night. I do wish you could stay here this winter but it cant be so you and I must try to be contented and be satisfied in thinking of the grand time coming when this cruel war is over. Wont that be a glorious time when we are united never to part again till death seperates (sic) us? In future days we can tell our children what we have done and point with pride to the record of this war knowing and feeling that we did not wait to be forced to do

put the day of the week wrong. I was so long coming I completely lost the day of the week. I wrote part of it Wednesday and part Thursday. John M Hyland(?) only gets sergeants pay where he is so you can imagine how he was heated, and how he hated the Co. He will soon be the Father of a mulatto!!! What do you think of that? I have not recd No 2 yet but hope to in a few

days. The mail does not come very regular, but I am in hopes to get all your letters in at least ten days after you write them. How is your wood+ going to hold out and do the chunks do as well as you expected they would? Give my love to all the folks. Tell Fanny & Flo that papa wants them to be good girls. With much love for them and endless love for you I remain your loving husband John M. Follett

Note: Emmett B. Chambers of Knoxville, Ill, was in Co. H, 33rd Ill

Note: There is a John Hyland of Bloomington, Ill, in the 94th Ill,