July 4, 1863

July 4, 1863

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In Vicksburg July 4th 1863

Saturday morning

My Dearest Little Hortense

Now you may clap your hands for Vicksburg is surely ours. The place was surrendered this morning. A flag of truce was sent to Grant yesterday morning asking what terms he would grant them if they would surrender. He said to Gen Barnes they must surrender unconditionally and gave them till 10 this morning to do it. So they have hoisted the white flag on evegy every fort and our forces are marching in. I have been in. I tell you it is a strong place. I do not know how many prisoners we have taken, but all agree that there must be 30000 and lots of artilery (sic) and rifles. It is a deaths(?) blow to the rebs in this quarter. I must write a few words and give the good news to fathers folks. Good bye. As ever your husband Kiss our dear children for me.

John M. Follett

I will write particulars on the 9th.

PS We expect to start for Jackson soon. Good bye Dearest,

JM Follett