June 7, 1863

June 7, 1863

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Sunday morning June 7th 63

My Dear Wife,

Since I last wrote you Thursday nothing of importance has transpired. We are still slowly bombarding the forts and they must give up after a while. Deserters are coming over to us every night and they report that they are now on one fourth rations of cornmeal and bacon and that is all they have excepting sugar and salt. They are holding out now in hopes help will come in and attack our rear, but we do not fear any such a thing for even if they can raise(?) a sufficient force they will find the roads blockaded with felled timbers and defended with any(?) quantity of cannon. Reinforcements are coming in all the time so I guess we will have enough to defend ourselves with. I would as soon finish this war right here as any where, and if they bring in a large force they must weaken some other front, and they are bound to be whipped here. How long the place will hold out I cant say but if we can celebrate the 4th of July then I will be satisfied. Some are willing to bet anything we will have the city within the week, but I can hardly believe it. I wish I could. I shall be glad when the thing is over. Wont you? It is very hat weather here now but we have cool nights. I am well & sound now to all appearances. Yesterday we drawed (sic) new clothes yester and then the whole regt went out and boiled all their old ones and killed all the lice, jiggers, fleas, ticks, ants, spiders, and every other thing with which infests our clothes. I drawed (sic) a new pair of pants, and as my old ones are tolerable good I will have two pairs, so I will boil them every week. I go in swimming almost every day. Am in hopes to have a chance to go in the Miss river soon. We are planting seige guns, and in a day or two we will begin to give them fits on a large scale. You ask where our Col ann and Lieut Cols were the day of the fight at Magnolia. Col Lippincott led the regt & Col Roe was in his place. Major Potter had charge of a detachment of the regt sent to hold a cotton gin. Col Roe was wounded in the charge on this place, and has resigned, and Potter is now Lieut Col & Capt Elliott is Major. Wm Henry, Ike & Geo are well. Ab Morgan is now with us but is not well yet. I am well. Keep a stiff lip and enjoy yourself as well as you can. I hope it will not be long before we can enjoy ourselves together. Kiss our dear little ones for me. Love to all, and unbounded (?) love to you from your aff husband.

John M. Follett