March 28, 1863

March 28, 1863


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Milliken's bend (sic) March 28th 1863

Saturday afternoon

My Dear Wife,

I am going to write you a short letter and send by Erastis(?), and when I get one from you I will write to you a good long one. We arrived here Thursday night and had not been here a half an hour before Erastis & Major Hotchkiss came to see me. I was glad to see them and the rest of the burg(?) boys I tell you. Wm Henry, Lawyer Harrison (who says he knew "Dr.(?) when I was a lad") Lawyer M.M. Clark, Robt Avery(?), John Burlingame, Lyman West, Henry Losey(?) and a lot of the boys from the burg(?) have been to see me, and I have been to see them. I tell you I feel almost as though I was at home. If I could only see your good face once in a while I would be contented. I am well Thank God and hope I shall keep so. I am going to take good care of myself and try to live through this summer if I can. You must not worry about the big battle that is to come off here soon. The Lord has preserved me so far and I have faith in him (sic) yet. Dont (sic) let your courage fail, and be sure(?) of this Hortense that if we do have a battle I shall try to act as you would have me, and you and the children shall never have cause to be ashamed of my memory. I shall need all my courage but I shall think of my dear ones, and do my best. Everything looks lovely here. Every tree is in full leaf and flowers are in full bloom. Enclosed I send some flowers. I A dont (sic) know what kind. Also two laurel leaves. Give one to Mary. How do you get along governing Fanny now? Oh dear(?) I wish I could be with you but I will wait patiently. Write as often as you can, kiss the children for me and believe me to be as ever your own affectionate,

John M. Follett

You can read Mary's letter if you wish.

Direct to the 33rd, Co. H., 13th Army Corps

via Memphis. Tell Mary the same.