January 29, 1862

January 29, 1862


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Fort Hovey Jan 29th, 1862

Wednesday evening

My Dearest Wife,

I have a very hard lesson to get, but I must write to you my little one to keep your cheer up and to let you know that I am thinking of my jewels at home. I wrote to (sic) last saturday night. since then we have been in a hubbub. Sunday morning we received notice from St. Louis that Jeff Tompson (sic), and Price had united, and were moving towards this place, and that we must be ready to resist an attack, or to march and meet them at ten minutes notice. The word came by telegraph, and I tell you the boys were so glad there was the prospect of a fight they just howled. The picket, and regimental guard was doubled. I was put on regimental guard for the day in place of a fifth sergeant, and was busy all day. The boys packed their knapsacks, filled haversacks with rations, canteens with water, and cartridge boxes with cartridges, cleaned their guns, and loaded them, and then waited. The 1st Ind Cavalry went out scouting but did not find anything. To day we here (sic) that the 17th Col Ross, attack (sic) them, and took some prisoners. The 21st regiment left this post to day for Pochohontas(?) I wrote to fathers folks last night. I sent little Fanny a picture(?) and a letter. I wish I could ____ old girl. I guess Hortense, when I get back we will try to be more contented let us be when we will than we were before (sic). I received a letter from Mary to day. She said you were down to E.B.s and at their house. I am glad you go around among folks. Why wont you go down to Uncle Henry's(?) and Es______? I am in hopes to be back in the spring, but don't know as I shall be. I think Jim _____ will do something. I know him, and I know he is ________. He will accomplish more in one month than McLellan (sic) will in six. Now see if he don't. Well I havent time to write more this time. I will write again Saturday night. Give my love to all my friends. Kiss our old Flo for me till you get tired. I am ever your true husband,

John M. Follett

Fort Hovey Jan 30th, 1862

All well this morning. (Abb) is out on picket (this) week. Ike & Geo are well.

I will write to (E.B.) Friday night _____ ______ from your ever loving and affectionate husband

John M. Follett