October 8, 1864

October 8, 1864

F M (?) from USS Pittsburg to Cousin

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USS Pittsburg

Off Rodney Miss

October 8th 1864

Dear Cousin

What shall I write in answer to your kind letter. I am as much at a loss to know what to write to you as I was in my last letter.

Yes I should very much like to be at your home while John was there. We would have a gay time. I should like to see all of you I think I could enjoy it as well as I used to when we were gay and happy.

You must not expect me too(?) soon for I may not be home until the war closes. When I do come I shall expect you and Abe---(?) to go with me.

I will wait for you until you have your dry goods prepared I am afraid you will never see the old red house Father writes me that the state is going to take the lake for a feeder for the Canal. If they do they will build a dam where the road is, and it will take in the House Orchard and Barns.

I dislike the idea of giving up the old homestead I know every nook and corner and can go anywhere as well in the dark as in the light I suppose there is no help for it Melvill (?) is attending lectures at Buffalo He will graduate next spring and there will be one more added to the list of pilboxes.

Rathburn is in Rousville Pa in the oil business. He is doing very well Has made six thousand dollars this summer and expects to make as much more by Spring

William is at home not doing much. Wesley is doing well Albert is with Rathburn in Pa. Your humble servant is on the Pittsburg draging (sic) out a miserable life all for the war I wish every Rebel was in ----- and the Allegany (sic) mountains on top of them Excuse the long mark I suppose it is no worse to say it than it is to think it. You know it would not look well in a letter to a Cousin I will come and see you as soon as I can Give my love to all

Write often

F.M (?) F.