November 21, 1863

November 21, 1863

A H Follett in Chattanooga to Daughter


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Chattanooga Nov 21/63

Dear Daughter I thought you would want to hear from Mell & me so I will try to send you a few lines I arrived in this place 2 weeks ago tomorrow and found M alive but very weak & poor yet he seemed to be in good spirits, his wound was a severe one. Yet it is doing well now as far as I can see his appetite is good and his bowels are regular which is very important in his case. if he does not have anything to set him back I think he can be moved to Murfreesborough in 10 days or 2 weeks without much danger but I shall try to have him kept hear (sic) as long as they will let him stay. but as their (sic) is a prospect of a fight soon I do not know but it would be best to have him moved. Gen Sherman has arrived with 4000 men and can not cross the river untill (sic) the Rebs are driven back so that the Pontoons can be put down. The men was (sic) ordered yesterday to have 3 days rations cooked and be ready to start by 6 o'clock _______. I do not know as they went as it rains hard all night (sic) but I suppose they did as the heavy army wagons was rattling all night. I do not think that I should had the courage enough to have started from home if I had known half of the difficulty of getting hear (sic) yet I am glad that I was enabled by the assestance (sic) of God to get hear (sic) as the Surgeon in charge told me yesterday that Mell would have died if I had not come & says ____ you can take him home with you, you can not immagion (sic) my feelings when I reflect of the advantage I have been to M & how hopeless poor Johns (sic) case would be if he was to be wounded or I could not get to him. Poor fellow my prayer is that he might be spaired (sic) to his little family & his parents. Dear H (Hortense) these lessons teech (sic) me to look to God for assistance, let us look to him (sic) in confidence. I took only a � sheet thinking perhaps it would be enough but now I can think of a great many things to say to you. my (sic) health is good now but for 4 days I thought that I should have to take to bed I want you to rede (sic) (read?) to my friends and not let them see the spelling for I know it is bad. I hope you will speke (sic) well of the Sanitary Commission as I could not have got hear (sic) if they had not have helped ______. I know that they are helping thousands of poor, sick & wounded soldiers I was at the Sanitary rooms in Lewisville 3 days and saw what they was doing & also 4 days at the S rooms in Nashville I visited 15 Hospitals in that place and I saw that the sick was supplied by the S Commision (sic) with wine, butters potatoes, milk, onions, & hundred of articals (sic) (articles?) that they could not get any other way and I talked with the sick and they all saw that the S Commision (sic) had saved the lives of thousands of poor fellows I never can forget the looks of the poor boys in the first ward where Mell is when I went in with a peck(?) of potatoes I rosted (sic) 2 for M in the _______. I coul (sic) endure the idea of giving them all to him so I rosted (sic) (roasted?) 25 and gave one to each of the boys with out butter or anything but salt. you (sic) cannot imagin (sic) how thankfull (sic) they was (sic). I divided them all out next day but the S Commision (sic) will give me anything(?) they have, such as caned (sic) chicken, ___Beef(?), milk butter, ale, onions caned (sic) peaches Blackberries. B Berry syrup wine towels soap candles & hundreds of other things that I cannot mention. ther (sic) are no better men to be found than tose (sic) agents at the ________ S Commisions (sic) in Lewisville Nashville and in this place I got acquainted with some of the agents I will give their names I C McCoy at Lewisville (Louisville?) from Ills (sic) (Illinois?) E.J. Eno of Ills (sic) at Nashville, M C Reed of Ohio at Nashville & A M Reed his brother in this place almost any information can be had of sick & wounded soldiers by addressing either (sic) of these men we are so close to Lookout mountain (sic) that I can see their signal station & the flash of the cannon when they send a shell occasionly (sic) at our supply train & in to some of our forts. a (sic) shell went over this hospital a few days ago & went into the ground about 6 or 8 rods from hear (sic) but did not burst. give (sic) my best regards to Mr & Mrs Willcox and all of the rest of the family also to all of our connections(?) kiss (sic) Fanny and Flow (sic) for me I wish you would wright (sic) as soon as you get this and direct it in M's Name to Murfriesborough (sic) (Murfreesborough?) to the cair (sic) of the Mecal(?) director of post as I expect we shall be sent to that place before we could get a letter at this place I have not heard from home yet tell me all about John & also all about the folks in Galesburg from your affictionate (sic) father A H Follett