Transcriber's Notes for Frank Eldredge's Civil War Diary

Transcriber's Notes for Frank Eldredge's Civil War Diary

Transcriber’s Notes

You may find the following notes helpful when going through this transcript, and they are listed here in no particular order.

  1. When you encounter brackets [ ] they will always enclose my own thoughts. When you see parentheses ( ) they will always have come from the original diary. Where a word is underlined, it is underlined in the original. The notation [sic] means the mistake is Frank’s, not mine. Misspelled words are Frank’s – faithfully copied.
  2. Weston, Lewis County, Va is presently in West Virginia, which did not exist as a state at the time of the diary’s entry. [Attained statehood June 20, 1863]
  3. The word “Sesesh” first seen on page two [Thurs July 11th] is a slang word used by Frank Eldredge [and others] for “secessionist” or rebel.
  4. “C--- Dennison” on page 6 [Sunday July 28] was Camp Dennison, Cincinnati, Ohio, Frank’s “basic training” camp after he mustered in.
  5. Albert Carr [Friday August 16th] was a friend from Edinburg. After the war, Frank married Albert’s sister, Sue Carr [also Sue or S.C. in the diary].
  6. I have just [2/19/05] discovered a roster of G Company, 7th OVI which lists
    John H. Douthitt. This man was a particular friend of Franklin’s, mentioned many times in the diary. Unfortunately, he was mortally wounded just three days after Frank’s last entry and died on August 21, 1862.

Transcribed by Harold P. Baird, a great grandson of Franklin (Frank) Eldredge

Images courtesy of Harold P. Baird

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