Insert at back of Eldredge's Civil War Diary (Part 2)

[The following sheet appears to be a duplicate of sheet 5 except that it contains more information than the former]

Monday June 30th 1862 Sheet 6, pg 1

Cool & Pleasant; felt poorly all day; no apetite [corrected to appetite]; “Sisters of Charity” gave me good eatables, eggs, milk, bread & jelly &c. &c. “Sisters” a good
Institution; Wm.W. Rogers buried; leg doing well; heard from the Regt; Gen’l McL__s
Fight at Richmond; rather worsted;
Tuesday July 1st 1862
Very pleasant & cool; rested poorly, but felt well; leg doing well; good breakfast Eggs, Milk, “bully”. Went up to see Fry; he down to see us; went to see about Rogers’s affairs
Could find but little about it wrote to Pritchard about it; visit from two Ladies Walked
Around considerable in the Eve- gay Smoke.
Wednesday July 2nd 1862
Cool day; arose, washed, & had my leg done up; feel “bully”; commenced raining at 9 A.M. Call for 300,000 men, by the President; report of McLellan’s being whipped; no
Appetite for any thing rained all day.
Thursday July 3rd 1862
Pleasant day; feeling very well; good breakfast Behrens of the 5th O.V. (the one that his leg amputated) died at 11 A.M.

Sheet 6, pg 2 [continuation of Thursday above]

Fry & At­r got their furloughs & started for home at 2 P.M. I sent $20. by Atwater, &
Gen’l “Shields” picture; also a 10 dol- Confederate note; Anthony Hor went to the Regt;
Wrote note to J H Douthitt; Wrote a line to Sister Mary; Horner’s returning boys all in
First rate Spirits; good news from Gen’l McLellan.
Friday July 4th 1862
Pleasant day; leg dressed & feel well; asked the Dr for a pass for Hawkins & I to go to
Town; Said we should have one; Started for town in a hack at 10 A.M. Most of ward 1
To town; Saw the Sun through a Telescope; The Eclipse of the Sun in 1836; a flea,
Louse & drop of water magnified; grand sight; went up to the Capitol beautiful scenery
Went up to Mr Stephen’s; took one of “the” Suppers; Grand lemonade & cake; fire works in the Eve-; grand old Sing; Mrs Stephens played on her Piano; band boys over from camp; Stayed & helped the singing along; retired at the early hour of 12 M.

Saturday July 5th 1862 Sheet 6, pg 3

Very pleasant day; arose, washed, & dressed my my [sic] leg, & felt “bully”; dressed
Hawkins’es neck; fired fire crackers for the children; took one of the best breakfasts;
Left Mr Stephens’s & went down town; Hawkins went to see Hon Mr Blake about the
Discharge 700 of Gen’l McLellans men arrived on the boat, from Richmond. pretty
Badly cut up; took a hack for camp; arrived & found the boys had been moved to ward
17; I moved back to ward 1; helped to dress some of the boys wounds; aether caught
fire, while undergoing an operation in the Eve-
Sunday July 6th 1862
Warm day; leg doing “bully”. Surgeons were amputating limbs all day; Dockery &
Sanford gave me a visit; wrote to S.C( S.); washed & did not put on a clean shirt; helped to dress some of the wounds; wrote to Oliver

Monday July 7th 1862 Sheet 7, pg 1

Very warm; dressed my leg; took breakfast & Hawkins, Dockery, & I went about half a mile, to the Grocery; stayed till 12.N. had a “jolly” time; went up to ward 17 in the
Afternoon; rec’d letter from John D­tt, some more wounded arrived; more amputations
Hail storm in the Eve-
Tuesday July 8th 1862
Fine warm day; read till ten A.M.; went down with Several of the boys, to the bathroom
Stayed till 12 N. afternoon wrote letter for Sirks; Hawkins, Clark, & myself got several
Bottles of Ale, across the way; leg doing well; dressed my patience in Eve-.
Wednesday July 9th 1862
Cool morning; dressed my patience & myself; leg “bully”; wrote a letter for Hawkins
Lt. Reed & Father came from camp; brought me letter from Sister Mary & Helen Went
over to the “Shanty” after “ale”

Thursday July 10th 1862 Sheet 7, pg 2

Cool drizzly day; read in the forenoon gave Dockery a visit; he returned it rec’d letter
From Ev & Eliza Garrison answered it, also wrote one to Lou, W-; went over to the
Sutlers; found a M.E. boy Acquaintance
Friday July 11th 1862
Midling cool day; Hawkins, I & several others went to town, went to Brown H-ll Saw
Lt Eaton; Saw Cap. Crane; Molyneaux & the Chaplain; took the boat & went to Alexandria; found Judd on board just from home; arrived at A--- at 11 A.M. Saw Capt. Quay; he sent me a horse to go to camp; arrived & found the boys all right; Col-
C- & Capt C- wife arrived from Cleveland; Doctor Price of Randolph Ohio here;
Visited Johny Golvin; “grand” old time; Grand fortifications & forts; mount “big guns”
Stayed with Lt Reed all night. Slept on the “pattent” bunk

Saturday July 12th 1862 Sheet 7, pg 3

Fine day; arose at 6 AM; rested poorly; took a good breakfast; went to the 5th & 29th
Ohio R Saw Capt. Crane & wife; rec’d the “Democrat” great speech from “Gen’l
Cary” of Cincinnati gave Johnny G- a call; had a “grand” old time started for Washtn
at 2 P.M. (distance 7 miles) on the “Young America” gay boat; arrived & found 21
Masters Morris & Willis; also Doctor Price of Randolph: Said the folks were all well;
arrived at the “Cliffburn” at 7 P.M.; Gen’l Tyler & Capt Seymour were up here; 2 of McLellans men died; went up to see Hoover, Smalley, & the boys in ward 17; went to bed very late.
Sunday July 13th 1862
Coolish day; rested poorly; dressed my patience do not feel very well; milk ordered;
Hoover came down for the first time recd letters from Sister M, Garrisons, & Mrs Case
laid a bed & recd visits from Dockery & Delong; many “Lady” visitors; feel all right this Eve

Monday July 14th 1862 Sheet 8, pg 1

Pretty warm day; slept pretty well; feel good eat better; dressed my patience; doing well Wrote to “Carrie”; recd letters from Sue Carr & Sister Mary; answered Marys;
Borrowed 15 dollars of Charley to send in the letter; two Ohio “Ladies” to see us; want to give us things. Went over to the Sutler after “beer” with Hawkins, Roth
Tuesday July 15th 1862
Hot! hot! day; feel first rate; dressed my patience; wrote letter for Murphy Hawkins to
town; read most of the time Shower this afternoon; rec’d Clevd paper
Wednesday July 16th 1862
Warm day; feel first rate. dressed patience wrote to “Sue” directed several letters for the boys; visited ward 17; got 2 letters for Fry; wrote letter for Tom Wood; Mike cut my hair; heavy Shower toards Eve; read consiterable

Thursday July 17th 1862 Sheet 8, pg 2

Warm day; Slept poorly; leg ached all night; dressed it & my other boys; Hoover gave me a call; went to ward 17; one of McK’s boys had his arm amputated; afternoon took a nap; one man died; game of “Checkers”; Supper; leg dressed &c. Mrs--- brought some things. Paper &c. Socks/
Friday July 18th 1862
Cool rainy morning; not very well; disentery; Kept pretty quiet; stoped raining 12 N.
Mrs Wheeler, late of Clev’d was here, gave us cakes, cigars, paper, Envelopes, Shirts &c.
&c.; rec’d letters from Sister Mary & Carrie ans- C-; Sent her picture to her; Cool day;
Saturday July 19th 1862
feel a great deal better; wrote letter to J.H D­th, went to ward 17; saw all the boys
Hoover to see us; took game checkers with Hawkins; a great many visitors; start of “lint” to make; dressed my boys wounds

Sunday July 20th 1862 Sheet 8, pg 3

Very pleasant day; feel pretty well; dressed my leg; washed & cleaned up; went up to ward 17; recd letter from Mellie H; Presidents Wife & Son visited us; She is a good W ;
Wrote letter to John Ewing; Sermon in the grove; text all over the book; lock jaw man died at 10 P.M
Monday July 21st 1862
Beautiful day; pulled lint; went to ward 17; returned & found Hoover here Wrote
letters for Tommy Downie and Murphy; pulled lint; leg doing well; Dr’s Surgical
opperations on several
Tuesday July 22nd 1862
Fine cool day; leg doing well; went up & saw Hoover at ward 6; recd letter from Sister
Mary & Addie Peltons return from Euclid, O. Gen’l Pope stiring the Rebels up Went to Ward 17; boys doing well

Wednesday July 23rd / 62 Sheet 9, pg 1

Cool day; Pelton stayed all night with me; Wrote letters to Brother H. Sister Mary & Bond, Pelton went to the Regt. Hoover down to see us Genl’s Burnside & Halleck in town Shower at 4 P.M; wrote to the “Soldiers aid Society; feel better this Evening
Thursday July 24th 1862
Warm day; leg not quite as well went to ward 17; had a “game” went to Sutlers & got
hazel nuts for Charley; good time eating them; read most of the afternoon; dressed my
patience in the Eve.
Friday July 26th 1862
Very warm day; went to ward 17; Dockery in the Surgery; recd letters from Carrie,
Sue, Albert, Dan’l & John Douthitt. Mr Reese brought hings[sic] from the S.A.S. Hat,
socks, Shirt Hdkfs paper & Envelopes is what I received

Saturday July 26th 1862 Sheet 9, pg 2

Very warm; rested poorly; heavy firing across the “Potomac”; went to my meals; went to ward 17; pretty lonsome Pay master for the 5 & 66th here to day. Wrote letter to Addie; Mike to town Copl not of Co I. visited us in the Eve.
Sunday July 27th 1862
Very pleasant day; feel first rate dressed my patience; wrote letter to Susie Carr, Carrie, H. & recd letters from Wm.A.Smith & A G Cotton of Saranac Ionie Co. Mich.
Answered Cottons. Preaching in afternoon. Reported fight, with “Stone wall Jackson” & Popes Division M Hoover down to see me Asa Sandford down to see me Went to see about Wm Rogers things, found them all right; Bradberry of the 5th Main died at 10 PM

Monday July 28th 1862 Sheet 9, pg 3

Warm day; doing well; Nurses cleaned “house”. Went up to Mt Pleasant Hospital, got dinner Ham & Eggs Saw Frank Dutton, & one Co E; got raisins, beer, & nuts; “bully”.
Supper; got 1 dollar of Sirks, Chas. Money stole
Tuesday July 29th/62
Very warm day; dressed my boys wounds, went to ward 6, 8, 2, & 17. took Lovett “Clevd” papers; had a “game” of E- & Checkers; Made out a discharge for M Davis, of the 20 Ind Regt. Leg doing well; went to the Sutlers with Mike & Hawkins.
Wednesday July 30th 1862
Very warm day; dressed my patience Lauterwasser, of Co K. (old flag bearer) died this morning; wrote letter to J.H.D---tt; Hoover & I blackberrying; Mrs Wheeler here with dried fruit; went to ward 17 & 4; Saw 7th Hoosier
Thursday July 31st 1862 Sheet 10, pg 1
Warm day; doing well; Mike Roths money Stole; Dr, vs Hawkins; had a “game” with
Mc.’s boys; Hoover to see me; Price of the 4th Mich Reg died at 3.25 P.M. good shower. rec’d letters from Cousin Addie; Sister M.& Brother H. reported “Richmond
Evacuated; Gen’l McClellan in Washington.
Friday August 1st 1862
Pleasant day; rested well last night; went to ward 17; Mrs Wheeler came & brought Lemons, crackers & cakes; Dockery to see me; had a “game”. Several fights in the D.C. Regt. Morrel & Sanford down to see me. Mike to town; reported fight at Malvern hill;
Rebel loss 50 killed & one hundred wounded; “Genl Popes” orders”; 7th Ind Dr here;
Regt moved from Warrentown; leg doing well

Saturday August 2nd 1862 Sheet 10, pg 2

Very warm day; leg doing well; went up to ward 6; had a “game” & returned to ward 17; 2nd D.C. Regt. took all of the nurses to the Regt Hoover down to see me; tried to get a ward; as nurse; could not.
Sunday August 3rd 1862
Pleasant day; Chas King & I on the last watch from 3 to 6 A.M. wrote to Sister Mary;
Gen’l Shields here to see us; Secretary Chase’s Daughters with him gave Ohio boys
handerchiefs Gen’l feeling first rate. had a good dinner; potatoes, corn beef, tomatoes,
beets & pea Soup; took a dish of ice cream; & a snack. Mike & I 3 glass’s beer; Showery all the afternoon; went to meeting in ward 6; text 32nd Psalm; went to wards
17; 5; 4; 3; & 10 boys doing well

Monday August 4th 1862 Sheet 10, pg 3

Very warm day; rested first rate last night; Hoover, Hawkins, King, & I went blackberrying; got about 15 quarts; enough for the ward; gay Supper; bread & butter;
blackberries Sugar & Milk; hominy. Very warm.
Tuesday August 5th 1862
Very warm day; leg doing well; not much going on; rec’d orders to go to my Regt.;
got money of Hoover & Charley; recd letter from G.A Cotton dressed my patients;
and retired.
Wednesday August 6th 1862
Very warm day; rested well last night; Started for the Regt. after breakfast went around by Georgetown; had a spat with the ward Master arrived at the “Soldiers retreat” at 11
A.M. Saw Cavanna [Cavannah] of Co H 7th Several rows; Men handcuffed; wrote line to Stephens; very hot.