Description of Eldredge's Civil War Diary

This is a soft cover, lined, booklet, tan in color, measuring about 3-1/2” wide and 6” in length. The front cover has a primitive (self?) portrait drawn in the upper left when looking at it lengthwise. In the same perspective is written:

Pvt F. Eldredge
Co. G 7th Rgt OV
Back of Diary
Insert and Diary

The back cover, when held lengthwise is as follows: along the bottom of the booklet is drawn a stick figure walking towards the left with right arm extended. Below that is:
“Age 20”.

On the center of the booklet, again held lengthwise, is:
Frank Eldredge

Inside the front cover when observed in its normal vertical position, near the top:
Frank Eldredges
Book Bot 4th of July 1861

Also on the same inside cover, written along the binding is:
“In peace I hope to live”