Contents of Eldredge's Civil War Diary (Pages 21-40)


Sunday Septemb
8th In Camp not very well. Capt. Seymour returned from Ohio & brought trunk of
letters. I recd 11. Boys got mens clothes. I did not draw.

Monday 9th. In Camp at Chas. Feel quite smart today. Mess had a treat of 100s
to figs & raisins Bet on weights of Boys in Sh-----[?] All well Fra----[?]


Tuesday September
10th. In Camp Chas.ton. Co. B. went out on a Scout yesterday got more than they I
[I crossed out] could do. Co. I [or J] & Snakes started for then at days light this morning

Wednesday 11th. In Camp at Chas.ton. Wrote letter in fore noon to A.H.B. feel quite smart again


Thursday 12th. In Camp at Chas.ton. Wrote letter in the forenoon to Tilly Report of a Gen’l Ros. fight at Cross Lanes of his
taking 4 Guns & whipping them all out & taking great many Prisoners Co. D of 4
Virginia & our Comp. started up the River about 12 miles as Reinforcements. It rained
Very hard last night some of the Boys caught cold Capt. Seymour Returned from
Gauly Bridge I am too tired to wait for the news so I will got [sic] to bed


Friday September
13th. In Camp Chas.ton. Recd letters from Ol & Mary. Answered in forenoon Wrote to
Sue C. [his future wife] in the afternoon. Company Returned from Scout. They buried two & brought the wounded in on the Boat

Sat 14th. In Camp Chas.ton. Recd Old letters from Gauley. From Leon [?] & Cuttler &
He-zy [his brother] also from SC & AH I cleaned


my revolver today. Had target shooting this afternoon I wrote to H.B.C. in
the Evening it rained very hard.

Sunday 15th. Was in Camp Chas.ton. Wrote letters to Mellie, Frank, Jule,
Nett. & Cuttler

Monday 16th. Was in Camp Chas. & cooked for Mess I got the Song in
the Evening of Lewis & wrote it off. Jno. D. is not very well this Eve-
Zouave, from Cincinnati I went to Gauly Bridge


Tuesday September
17th Was in Camp Chast Wrote to Henry Har

Wednesday 18th. In Camp Charleston Man died in Co. H of 7th. Regt. O.V. &
buried this evening M ot & self on going home in 1 Month

Thursday 19th. In Camp Charleston Wrote to Carrie in forenoon & rested in Camp
The remainder of day

Friday 20th. In Camp Charleston Moved tents in the afternoon over next to the Road.
got supper & bunked for the night


Saturday Septemb
21st. In Camp Charleston Got acquainted with Goodrich of Co. B. Had a
long talk with him.

Sunday Evening 22nd. In Camp Charleston The Co. left for a Camp called Eagles Nest
up the River about 12 Miles I stayed with Jno. D- he being sick. Recd letter from my
Brother. Answered it this afternoon Bunked for the night


Monday September
23rd In Camp Charleston The rest of the Comp Rec’d Colonel Tyler We had a drille
after he came. Recd letter from Sister Mary & answered it. Washed Shirts for Jno. D. &
Self. Boys went on Dress Parade [what follows written in left margin] Draw’d Order of
Reed $(1.00) Letter from Sue

Tuesday 24th. In Camp Charleston Rev. Mr. Brown came from Cleveland Wrote letters to Leon & Gin, & Gustave Case. Beach came of [sic] from the Boat


Wednesday Sept
25th. In Camp Chaston. Wrote letters to Mary, Ol, Sue, & Capt. Chas. Hart Went on
Dress Parade & had Battalion Drille Took supper very late

Thursday 26th. In Camp Charleston Went down town to Church in the fore noon. John
Bacon [roster shows Beacon] & myself went down to the Printing Office in the Afternoon Commenced raining
Toard [sic] night-


Friday September
27th. In Camp Charleston Rained all night & today very hard Loaf’t- around it
was so wet. Drawed Order (1.00) Helped Reed fit out the Clothing Book.

Saturday 28th. In Camp Charleston Was very wet. River raised 3 feet in one hour.
Went down town after breakfast. To get goods out of water. Camp all over flowed.
Had to move tents


away out of the Camp. Moved up the road & camped. Charleston all under water.
Houses Hay Stacks Trees & part of the Salt works washed away Never was such a time
known in the Kanawha Valley

Sunday 29th. Was in Camp Charleston Went downtown in the forenoon. Attended
Divine Services in [in crossed out] towards Evening Had a sing in the Evening with the Boys


Monday September
30th. In Camp Charleston Went down town to get a boat off from the bank. Got some
printing done. Great deal of mischief done by the water. Rec’d letters from Deal &
Frank. Answered Frank’s. Major came from Gauley.

Octob. 1st. Tuesday In Camp Charleston. Wrote to Delia Went down town with Thos.
Carl Va. Boys Returned to Camp from a Scout


Wednesday Octob
2nd. In Camp Charleston Cleaned my Gun in the forenoon. Went down town in the
afternoon with John I got a pail of sweet potatoes

Thursd 3rd. In Camp at Charleston Man Shot of 1st. Ky by a Sesesh Citizen

Friday 4th. In Charleston Va Cleaned my Revolver in the forenoon Recd letter from
Henry H Recd two papers from Edinburg. Sesesh Hung that shot


the Soldier.[Thursday Eve in left margin] These were his last words, I don’t feel hard
towards you (Soldiers) & I hope you don’t feel hard towards me. Things done cannot be
helped. I hope you will forgive me. I told the Chaplain & he will tell you all I told him. Thats all I have to Say The Chapln stated he wanted his body to his family. Also he
wanted to offer [the following written vertically in left margin] prayer for him but he
would not have any he hoped he would


Saturday October
5th. In Camp at Charlest Wrote letters to A.H., S.C. in the forenoon Loafed around
Camp in the afternoon

Sunday 6th. At Camp Charleston John D. & myself went up the road & wrote at a
Union mans house Wrote to Brother & Cutler. Rained very hard in the afternoon
Wrote to L A Day in the Evening Wrote for Tom Carle to Matt


Monday October
7th. In Camp Charlest Was very wet all day. Went down town after Reiter Wrote to
Matt. Sent it by Lieut Quay

Tuesday 8th. Camp Charleston Cap Seymour went to Gallipolis. I commenced cooking
For No 1 [Cooking for No 1 also written vertically in left margin] Wrote to Henry H. in
The Eve- News came about Robisons death All the Boys feel very bad about about [sic] it


Wednesday Oct
9th. Camp Charleston All the Boys drilled on Reverse Arms Got new cap of Sutler
Drawed order 1.50 Robison came on the Boat about 4 in the afternoon We did not see him Recd letter from Mellie & answered Recd letter from H B Clover [possibly Cloves] Wrote considerable in the Evening Russell passed pretty hard night at the Hospital


Thursday October
10th. In Camp Charleston I washed a Shirt. Some of the Boys came from Gauley
A. Butler died at the Hospital. Went on Drille at 3 P.M. & drilled till sundown Wrote
To Clover [or Cloves] in the Evening Cap Seymour & Selby King Returned Selby from Ravenna & Cap from Gallipolis Telegraf to Robison’s father


Friday October
11th. Camp Charleston Made some preparations about taking Butler home. Rained very
steady in the afternoon wrote to Sister Ma [Mary]

Saturday 12th. Camp at Charleston Most froze in the night. Silver Lake was fired into by the Rebels. Buried Butler. I went & (with 7 others) went as an escort & fired over the
grave. Part of the Regt came from Gauley


[Pg 40 is the last page in booklet]

1 Pair Shoes
Camp Den- [Dennison, probably] June 1st.
21st. Rec’d. Dress Coat & Pants. 1 Shirt & Pr. Socks., New Hat
Augst. 23rd. To 1 Pr Shoes
1 Blanket
Augst Uncle Sam Cr [or Cs]
10th. By Order $1.00
Sep 17th. “ “ 1.00
“ 23 “ “ 1.00
“ 27 “ “ 1.00
Oct 9th.” “ 1.50
O 19th.” “ 1.00 [continued next page]
Total $6.50
Cap & Cap Cover
Great Coat
Single Blanket