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Civil War Letters

Timeline for William Samuel Craig

William Samuel Craig born in Nicholas County, Kentucky on January 8.

Census, Page 369, Family #435 for Nicholas County, Kentucky. William Craig, 18 years old.

July 11:   William Samuel Craig married Levica Payne in Norborne, Missouri. Recorded in Family Bible.

January 15:   James Robert, first child, first son of William and Levica born in Bloomington, Illinois.

August 11:   William Samuel Craig enrolled in Illinois Infantry Volunteers.

April 22:   Harriet Mary, daughter born to William and Levica in Norborne, Missouri.
June 10:   Wounded at the battle of Vicksburg, Mississippi.

July 28:   Wounded in Atlanta, Georgia
August 18:   Wounded in Atlanta, Georgia.

June 10:   Discharged Washington, D.C.

1865 to March 1913
Resided in Norborne, Missouri

September 20:   John born to William and Levica in Norborne, Missouri. Died soon after birth.

September 2:   Ella Sue, daughter born to William and Levica in Norborne, Missouri.

December 17:   Levica Payne Craig died at age 58. Buried in "Old Stemple Cemetery."

November 29:   William Samuel Craig was in the National Military Home in Leavenworth County, Kansas.

March 13:   William Samuel Craig died at age 81 in Norborne, Missouri. Buried in the "Old Stemple Cemetery."

Historical Notes

Records indicate William Samuel Craig took an active part in these engagements of the Civil War (spelling is that of the compiler known only as "J. A. H:"

Arkansas Post
Hanes Bluff
Champion Hill
Jackson, Mississippi
Missionary Ridge
Lookout Mountain
Reasca, Alabama
Kineysaw Mountain
Decauter, Alabama
Atlanta, Alabama
Jonesbur (two battles)
Kingston, North Carolina
West Point
William Samuel Craig went with Sherman to the sea

The date of the battle at Missionary Ridge was November 25, 1863; Lookout Mountain was November 23 and 24, 1863; Dallas on May 28, 1864; Kennesaw Mountain was June 27, 1864; Atlanta July 28, 1864.

According to historical accounts, Sherman's 90,000 men advanced on Atlanta from Chattanooga. They occupied Atlanta on September 1, 1964. Sherman's famous march to the sea began on November 15, 1964 as his troops left Atlanta in flames and set out for Savannah.

Sherman's men marched almost unopposed across Georgia destroying an estimated $100 million worth of Georgia property. Savannah was occupied by Sherman and his men on December 21, 1964.

Rosecrans' (mentioned several times by William Samuel Craig in his letters) entire Union army were badly mauled on September 19, and September 20, 1963 in the battle of Chickamaugua. They retreated into Chattanooga. Grant replaced Rosecrans with Thomas and he led the troops to the battle of Chattanooga on November 23-25, 1963. Lookout Mountain fell the first two days. On November 25, they swept up Missionary Ridge without orders and ended the battle in an hour.


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