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Levica Payne Craig

Here is the only known picture of Levica Payne Craig. The original appears to be something like an ink drawing rather than a true photograph. It is on a very thick background of crumbling cardboard-like paper. I don't recall her age in this picture, but I do remember she was much younger than she appears.

Levica Payne Craig

In later years, long after the Civil War, William Samuel Craig and his wife, Levica, raised their two sons and two daughters. Their youngest child, Ella Sue Craig, was the mother of my father. With the money he saved during his military service, William Samuel Craig sent it to his wife to pay for a farm which had 80 acres of timber. It was said that he wore out seven axes in clearing it. Here is a photo of the Craig home taken when his youngest daughter, my grandmother, was a young girl. Grandmother was born in 1873 so this photo would have been taken circa 1889-1893:

Craig Home

This last photgraph is of William Samuel Craig, date unknown:

William Samuel Craig

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