Erasmus J. Allton Civil War Letters

The old home again
The war drum is beating the moments are fleeting
soon soon to our homes we must all say adeu. 
When the battles are ones a more joyous green tiny we'll be
when we come with our old banner too C. 
And the old home again the old home again
When the war is all over no longer _______ 
I'll proudly go back to the old home again.
the union we love and the old constitution. 
By once cherished tritons are spurned to the dust. 
And now we go forth to wipe out the solution. 
In blood if it needs be for triumph we must
and if in the battle some of us may perish
when thinking for the union and think for right. 
The loved ones at home will his memory cherish. 
As one of the heroes who died in the fight. 
We go as men should from promptings of duty
at home to protect and a country so sure. 
And the praises gush forth from the bright eyes of bea(u)ty. 
And give grateful thank to the ranks of the brave C. 
And the old home again the old home again.
Bright eyes will be brighter and light hearts will be lighter.
When we proudly come back to our old home again.
E.J. Allton
My dearest friend I hope that I will not die in battle but I sincerely hope to return to the old home again for I want to see you again and I hope that when I return home that I shall hav a home of my own and that you will join with me to make me happy during life. for a home with out you would be a sorrowful home for me. And as we are united in heart I hope that we will soon be united by hands. Catharine will you join me. I ask you in earnest for it is my wish and I hope that you will give your consent.
Camp Sutton 
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