9 September 1861 Letter

Erasmus J. Allton Civil War Letters

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This the 9th day of Sep. 1861
Forget me not my dearest one
Erasmus J. Allton
My dearly love Catherine Shick
Mclurney Station
The city of Weston louis County Virginia
My dear Catharine
every day finds us farther apart[.] we are now about 260 miles afront and this day I expect that we will start again and go 50 miles farther[.] we are going to join general Rosenans army[.] he has about 15000 men[.] he expects a big fight in a few days the secession army is about 90000 on two to our one[.] Remember me Catherine for I have no other friend like you[.] We left Camp Chase on Friday and have been traveling day and night ever since[.] we all tired enough but we are still in good humor yet I would like to have come home before we left camp Chase but we will not any of us come very soon now times a getting too hot[.] We arrived at Clarksburgh on Sunday morning just at daylight and we thought we were going to hve a fight right off hand the pickets guards were driven but we did not fight any. 
No more at present my love but remain your faithful love E.J. Allton
Miss Catherine Shick
Mcluney Station
Perry Co. O
Dated: Sep 4 Weston Va.
9 September Evelope