Erasmus J. Allton Civil War Letters

Camp near Louisville, KY

June 9th 1865

We are now a great distance from the city of Washington but we have as good health here as there.  We arrived here on yesterday and are now in camp on the bank of the Ohio River in a grove of beech trees on a ridge overlooking the broad river which lies before us.  We enjoyed our trip through from the capital here very well and came through all well and safe as far as I know of.  We do not know what they intend to do with us now after they have got us here.  Some say that we are to be discharged immediately and others say that we are to be kept until Spring and then discharged.  Some say we are going to Texas and others say we are going to the Rio Grande but I do not know anything about it[.] but one thing I do know and that is that I want to be at home as soon as possible whether I get there or not.  But I guess that I can wait as patiently as any other man in the army.  I think that you must think that we are coming home shortly or you would write me a letter once in awhile for my contentment.  I have not heard from you for several weeks and am very anxious to what has become of you or what you are doing.  It will take a letter but a day or two come through and I want you to write soon and direct to me as usual to Louisville Ky. and remember me as your only.   E. J. Allton

Catharine Shick

Co. D 30th Ohio Vol. Vet.  Inftry. 1st Brig 2nd Divis 15th AL.