Erasmus J. Allton Civil War Letters

Sutton Heights Oct. 5th -61
I am scarecely able to write to for I am not able to sit up more than ten or twenty minutes at a time[.] I have just left the hospital and I am very weak. I received your letter (dated the 24th Sep.) on the ist of this month[.] the aptain brought it to my bed where I was lying[.] I read it and was very glad to hear that you were well and hearty but your letter did not find me enjoying any better health than I enoyed before whe[n] I wrote. Catherine your letter is the first that I received by mail from anyone since I have been in the army. And it made glad a sorrowful heart for I can never get tired of reading it. Catharine I thank you for your kind wishes in regard to health and hardships. if I only keep in good health I could stand the hardships very well but to tell the truth I have not drawn a well breath since I saw you at Mclurney Station. I am still getting weak in all the time. I am now off of duty until I get better. I would like to see you again Catharine I would like very much to sit and talk to you from sundown one evening until midnight the next.
Time seems to weary along slowly since I left home and the reason is that I cannot get to see you and my mother which is a hard trial I assure you but I will have to put up with it. My dear if I live even to get home with you again I never shall leave you again as long a[s] I can help it. for I am never at home without you are with me. I cannot write any more at present so I beid you arewell.Write as soon as possible and let me know how you and the ballance o the family are getitng along[.] farewell
E.J. Allton
Direct to E.J. Allton in care of capt. Gowler C. D. 30th Rgt. O.V.U.S.A.
To Miss Catharine Shick
You must not think hard of me not paying the postage for the officers will not allow us to pay the postage. or we would pay our own postage[.] It will all be right some day.
Erasmus J. Allton
I send a sweet kiss to thee
Although many miles between us be
To Miss Catharine Shick
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