4 February 1862 Letter

Erasmus J. Allton Civil War Letters

Fayetteville  ____ Fayette Co. Va.
February 4th 1862
I am once more permitted to try to write a few lines to you to let you know how I am getting along in this lonesome place. I am happy to tell you that I am still enjoying good health although not to well this evening as I have been in times past and gone, but my dear I hope this brash will soon pass away and I will become as well as ever. I received a letter from you dated Jan. 22nd and you cannot tell the joy it gave to me in receiving a letter from one that is so near and dear to me, how I love to spend the leisure hours in reviewing your bea[u]tiful and lovely letters and I was truly happy to hear of your good health and dear Catharine I hope that you will continue to be blessed with the best of health which is preferred before Riches. We are still at Camp Union for we did not march when we expected for the rebels retreated and we were not needed. And it was quite a disappointment to us for we were all ready to march and waiting for the word but about the time we were to start the orders were countermanded and we are here in this poor plot of creation. I am well satisfied to be a soldier if it were not for you but I cannot bear the idea of staying from home on your account and I still cherish the thought of seeing you before many weeks by your own fine side and enjoy your sweet company again as I used to do which was a great honor and pleasure to me. The war is progressing slowly and everything goes to show that the rebels are about starving for they are setting the prisoners, that they have taken from our army, free for they cannot feed them any longer and if they are starved into subjection it will be a great deal better than to kill the poor wreches and if we are not interfered with I think that their time is short. I will have to bring my letter to a close for the present time hoping that you will not forget me while far from you although we cannot see each other we have the privelge of writing to each other which is a great consolation[.] remember me as your true hearted love until death. I hope these few lines will find you well and happy[.] no more at this time[.] Farewell Catharine[.] This from one that loves you.
E.J. Allton
Miss Catharine Shick
Write soon and direct as before Fayetteville _______
Fayette Co. Va.