Erasmus J. Allton Civil War Letters

Dallas Georgia  May 30th 64

This day finds all as well as usual with the exception of Oscar Ogg[.] he was wounded this morning in the leg. We have now been in battle line for the last 5 days and nights and have slept but little. We have been digging entrenchments part of the time and fighting the ballance of the time[.] last night we were fight nearly all night and we expect to have to do the same tonight. The rebs are trying to break our lines but have not succeeded yet. They charged on our camps day before yesterday and were repelled with heavy loss. Our men picked up 22 dead rebs, in front of our Regt. and there were a good many others they could not get to for the rebel sharp-shooters. The rebs loss is said to be 3000 killed and wounded ours about 200. They tried their luck again and charged eight times and were repulsed every time and it is said that their loss is thousands. We are looking for them to try us tonight again. We are now living on half rations and we have had no rest for the last 8 days so that we are having a toler[a]bly rough time of it. We are in good heart, write soon Catharine and let us know how you are getting along thru hard times.  Direct to me Co. D.  30th O.V.I. 2nd Brig.  2nd Divis.  15th A. C. via Chattanooga, Tenn.

This was written in the entrenchment and the bullets are flying over our heads.

P. C. S.                                                Your lover, E. J. A.