30 August 1861 Letter

Erasmus J. Allton Civil War Letters

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Camp Chase    Aug the 30th 61
My love I once more take up my pen to let you know that this day we start for the scene of warfare and our destination is birds point Missouri. We have got our uniforms and arms and are about ready to start. Catharine I am very unwell and have not eaten anything for two days so that I feel very weak at the present time
I feel more like going to bed than going to war. There will be about twelve hundred men in our regiment that leaves today.
Our boys are all in fine spirits ready for fight but little do they think of the dangers they are about to encounter they fear no danger. Catharine my love no one knows but myself the happines[s] that I would enjoy if  I could get one letter of your own hand write and a great deal more so if I could only press you to my bosom or imprint a kiss upon our lovely cheeks[.] I think of you all the time ou are constantly on my mind. I think of you day and night let me be on duty or at rest. Catharine the war will soon close and we will return home.
I have been appointed and entry sergeant and it keeps me busy from five o'clock in the morning until half past nine at night to go through with the business that I have to attend too. So that I am worried nearly down for I have been sick ever since I have been here nearly. My love I would ask you to write but I cannot tell you where to direct your letter. I will write again as soon as we land I then may tell you where to write. Remember me my dearest one as your best friend on earth for I love you as I never can love another. No more at present. From your love E. J. Allton
farewell Catharine.
Secession prisoners are coming in every day to camp chase[.] 16 just arrived which mark about 75 in all in our camp. I know you love me therefore I write openly freely.
Erasmus J. Allton
To his lady love Catharine Shick
Columbus Ohio


Miss Catharine Shick
Mcluney Station
Perry Co. O.
Dated Sep 4 Weston Va.
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