Erasmus J. Allton Civil War Letters

27 [Unknown Month] 1864

Camp of Co. D. 30th Reg’t, Ohio Vols.
2nd Brigade, 2nd Division.
15th Army Corps.

At Cleveland Tenn. 1864

Well Catharine as we have once more got into camp and are comfortably quartered, I will now try to write you a few lines in answer to yours of the 4th. Your affectionate letter found me well, and, true to you. We left Larkinsville on the 11th and marched to Bridgeport where we expected to stay. But we were disappointed. We marched on to Chattanooga and as we thought were to garrison that place but were again disappointed. We then moved on toward Knoxville and arrived at Cleveland where we now are. We are guarding the R.R. at this place which is a dangerous position for there is a strong force of rebels within 22 miles of this place. We have again built log houses and are now dwelling in them. The distance from Larkinsville to this place is 90 miles and we marched it in a little over 4 days. Cleveland is a beautiful little town situated about 28 miles from Chattanooga, on the R.R. running from that place to Knoxville. The town is neat and clean and there are a great many young Southern ladies in town and a few old people and that is all without you count the northern yankees. When our army first approached this place the citizens all left, thinking the yankees were some kind of wild beasts, but they have learned otherwise and are daily returning to their homes. It is a hard sight to see them, some of them at least. They are robbed of everything by the armies and our government has to furnish them with subsistence or they would suffer from hunger, but uncle Sam is a generous old uncle and he makes many a happy family through out the land of rebellion. The 30th O.V.I. has reenlisted for three years longer and winning the war, and will be in Ohio before many weeks. There will be notice given when company D. will arrive in New Lexington and then, if you wish, you can see the veterans of several bloody battle fields. The company will be at home 30 days from Columbus, I think the war is about played out. There may be 3 or 4 hard battles yet but I don’t think it. The rebel army is dissenting by hundreds. Since we came here there has not been a night but from 20 to 100 have come to our picket post, and give themselves up and enlist in our army right away. It is a general complaint that they were starving[.] if this is true starvation will accomplish more than powder and lead. I must close this letter hoping it will find you well and hearty. Remember me as yours E.J. Allton

Catharine Shick

Write soon direct to Co. D. 30 O.V.I. 2nd Brig. 2nd Divs. 15 A. C.

Cleveland Tenn.     E.J.A.