26 January 1862 Letter

Erasmus J. Allton Civil War Letters

Western Va.
Camp Union Fayetteville
January 26th 1862
I once more am permitted to raise my pen, my dear Catharine, to answer your lovely letter which arrived here about the 20th of Jan. dated the 25th of Dec. which was Christmas Day being the fourth year of our courtship[.] I was happy to hear from you and to hear you was well and hearty. And I think my love, if I was not mistaken, that I wrote you a letter the same day that you wrote to me. Catharine the circumstances of both of us writing on the same day has caused me to think we were both thinking of one another at the same time, and that we were both thinking of the time that we first had the happy privilege of enjoying each other's company and of the many happy hours that we spent together since that night that long to be remembered night. My love how I wished that I could be with you on that night to enjoy your happy company which I have often enjoyed not to my sorrow, but to my happiness[.] I often think of the allen meeting house and other places where we have often met together in love and friendship. But we are far apart now, and many a hill and mountain and valley lies between us and we cannot see each other[.] I cannot hear your merry laugh or behold your sparkling eyes or see your beautiful face or encircle your waste with my arm or enjoy myself in your company as I wish to do. But I am in hopes that the day will soon roll around when I shall return to you, and to my home, never to part again until death separates us. where we shall meet first I do not know but I hope that it will be at the entrance of your mothers dwelling and at the first dawn of April. I think Catharine that the war is about over if not interfered with by other nations which I hope will not be the cause. The rebels are about whipt out now for the want of provisions and salt which will be a hard thing for them to get while our fronts are all blockaded. So that they cannot get anything from other nations to subsist on. We heard here today that our men had whipt them out in Ky. and if they get a few more such games as that played on them the war will soon close and peace will be once more restored to our union and we lay down our arm to ____ the ___ of war no more and return to our homes there to dwell in peace and harmony with all men. I am well and well clothed and have plenty to eat but rough. My dearest one I have asked you the question and you have answered it in your letter of 25th. And I hope you will never regret what you have done. I bring my letter to a close asking you to receive this which is written by one that truly loves you.     E.J.A.
Miss P.C.S.
White to me soon in care of Capt. J.W. Fowler Co. D. 30th Regt. O.V.U.S.A.
Farewell love