Erasmus J. Allton Civil War Letters

Suton(?) Heights

September 25th 1861

My dear Catharine I take up my pen to write you a few lines to let you know how you are remembered by your true and faithful lover[.] I may say faithful for I forget you not and I will not forget you as long as God lets me live. I love no other save for you and thoughts of you are my constant occupation[.] you are constantly on my mind both day and night in such I am sorry that I ever left you for you are my dearest friend on this globe for I love you dearly Catharine as my own life for there is none time more beautiful none more lovely and I do sincerely wish I could see you once more before I go _____ you[.] but the chances appear dull at the present time for we are about to take up winter quarters now pretty soon and I cannot tell you whether we will come nearer home or go farther from you[.] But Catharine let us go where we will my heart is united to yours and if never see you again remember that I love dearly those at home but my love for them is nothing to be confused with my love for you. My country needs me and many others _____ better than myself so I give up all both me and dear to me to go and help to put down this rebellion in our beloved country[.] I hope that the war will soon be over that blood shedding will soon cease and peace again reign in our land[,] that our people may become united again[,] that our nation may become as prosperous as ever and that the soldiers may return to their homes and make glad the hearts of their friends and loves[.] I want you to remember me and when you are thinking of me remember that you are thinking of one that loves you far better than you will be loved again on earth. Catharine my dear write to me as soon as this reaches you and let me know how you are getting along in this lonesome world for it is a lonesome world to me when I am so far from home. And I would not yet tire of reading one of your letters[.] Catharine I now ask you to take care of yourself as well as you can until I return to embrace you in my arms once more. No more at present but remain your true true hearted love[.]

Erasmus J. Allton

Direct your letter to E.J. Allton in care of Capt. Fowler Co. D. 30th Rgt. O.V.U.S.A.

Direct to E.J. Allton in one of Capt. Fowler’s Co. D. 30th Rgt. O.V.U.S.A.

______ E.J. Allton to his lady love

Miss Catharine Schick

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