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1861 august 23 (envelope date)

My dear and true love. I take the once more privilege of writing a few  ____ to you to let you know how I am getting along. I am well at present and would be glad to know that you are enjoying the same blessing. My dear Catharine I find the camp a hard place as I expected although we have plenty to eat such as it is. We are learning the cost of war Sunday and every other day. I would like to receive a letter from you but I cannot tell you where to write to for as soon as we get about 400 more men we are a going to leave this Camp horrible and I cannot tell you where we will go too. The supposition is that we will go to Memphis Tennessee. I hope Catharine to see you again before many months rolls round. I think of you every day and I shall never forget you as long as I am spared on this earth.

Erasmus Joseph Allton

Miss Catharine Shick


We are at Camp Chase four miles west of the city of Columbus Ohio. I would like to see you again but the chance appears dull at the present time. So farewell my dearest one

Erasmus J. Allton

Ph[o]ebe Catharine Shick


We have about 5000 men in camp.

I give you these to take care of until I get home if that even should be.

Your lover.


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